My Story

I was born as the third son to my papa, Thankachan and mummy Leelamma at the Southern tip of India in a village called Oachira, Kerala. I have two sisters (Shini and Jisha) and one brother (Jinesh). My primary education started at Kottampally Govt L.P School, in Malayalam (my mother tongue) instruction at the age of five. I ate the free food from school and went to collect grass for the cow at home. I was a below average student. I showed no leadership skill and avoided sports and school functions. I was shy and timid. My high school education was a failure. I got only 6 marks out of 50 in English I Paper in my high school final. I joined for pre-degree in, Chavara, Kollam. This college was faraway from my house. So I had lots of freedom that added bad habits in my life. Some how I passed Pre degree (+2). I joined M.S.M College, Kayamkulam for Bachelor Degree in Economics. I failed in English again three times.

Got my first pair of shoes when I was 22.
Got my first pair of shoes when I was 22.

The turning point in my life

One evening I went to my grandma’s house. On the way one of my aunties invited me for a prayer meeting. I said I would not come. I hesitated to go with them. They were going by a Taxi car. The car driver was one of my friends. We used to drink together. He forced me to go along with him. Because of his compulsion I went with them for the prayer meeting at Kurathikadu, Mavelikkara. I sat down at that gathering. I didn’t listen to what was being said about Jesus. My mind was wandering. I said to my self, what did I have to do with Jesus who lived 2000 years ago? While sitting in that prayer meeting suddenly two verses I heard from the preacher from the Bible. That touched my heart. Mathew 7:13-14 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and BROAD is the ROAD that leads to DESTRUCTION and many enter through it. But SMALL is the GATE and narrow the road that leads to LIFE and only few find it.” This verse was true in my life. If I needed a cigarette or a drink my friends were ready to pay for that. They will take me wherever I want if I join with them. Again, God says to Cain “SIN is crouching at your door, it desires to have you, but you must MASTER (over come) it” Genesis 4:7 When I heard this verse, I thought about myself. Several times I had taken decisions not to drink, smoke or quarrel. When friends call me, I couldn’t say NO THANKS to them and I joined them for bad things.

In that prayer meeting, I felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit about my sins. Suddenly the pastor said 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ the son of God came into the Earth and shed His Blood to forgive your sins and came back to life from the death to give a victorious life to you. He would like to come into your heart today to give you life after death. Again, I battled within to accept Jesus, because I was thinking what others will think about me. But, something made me stand up and confess that I am a sinner. The peace of His forgiveness flooded my soul as I believed that Jesus Christ died in my place to bear my punishment. It was January the 24th 1998. I was born again! I was filled with joy. This event changed my life. Since then, I celebrate Jan 24th as my birthday.

I improved in my studies and completed my third masters degree in USA and completed my Ph.D. in Instructional Technology.  I now lives in Athens, Ohio with my wife Betsy and sons Rufus and Caleb.briju-family-0213.jpg

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