Stages of Concern – SPSS Syntax

The Stages of Concern Questionnaire (SoCQ) is a tool to determine where an individual is in the seven stages of concern. The 35 items and eight point Likert scale questionnaire is designed to assess the concerns of the individual/group during implementation of an innovation. The seven stages of concern are:

Stage 0 (Unconcerned)
Stage 1 (Informational)
Stage 2 (Personal)
Stage 3 (Management)
Stage 4 (Consequence)
Stage 5 (Collaboration)
Stage 6 (Refocusing)
By locating teachers’ intense stages of concern (peak stage concern) with an innovation, facilitators can develop need–specific professional development and training.

1. SPSS Syntax for finding Raw Score Total for Stage Zero to Stage Six

COMPUTE FiveItemRawScaleStage0=Q3 + Q12 + Q21 + Q23 + Q30.


COMPUTE FiveItemRawScaleStage1=Q6 + Q14 + Q15 + Q26 + Q35.


COMPUTE FiveItemRawScaleStage2=Q7 + Q13 + Q17 + Q28 + Q33.


COMPUTE FiveItemRawScaleStage3=Q4 + Q8 + Q16 + Q25 + Q34.


COMPUTE FiveItemRawScaleStage4=Q1 + Q11 + Q19 + Q24 + Q32.


COMPUTE FiveItemRawScaleStage5=Q5 + Q10 + Q18 + Q27 + Q29.


COMPUTE FiveItemRawScaleStage6=Q2 + Q9 + Q20 + Q22 + Q31.


2. SPSS Syntax for finding Percentile Score for Stage Zero to Stage Six Continue reading Stages of Concern – SPSS Syntax

Concern Theory in the Adoption of Educational Technology Research

Concern Theory in Educational Technology Research Compiled from Newhouse, 2001


Newhouse, C. Paul. (2001). Applying the Concerns-based Adoption Model to Research on Computers in Classrooms. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 33(5).

Successful Technology Integration

Successful Technology Integration
Successful Technology Integration


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