Landscape of FOSS in Indian Education

The term, Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), is a convergence of two movements, Free Software Foundation (FSF) and Open Source Initiative (OSI). Though these two movements are different ideologically, functionally both are the same. FSF stands for the moral and ethical side of software development, while OSI focuses on the economic and practical side.

EDUBUNTU a FOSS example in India
EDUBUNTU a FOSS example in India

The advocates of FOSS-based technology believe that India is going to witness another revolution called the gold revolution by automating industry, government, and affordable education through FOSS. In India, majority of secondary school curricula oriented toward proprietary products (e.g., Microsoft Office). FOSS-based education is still in its infancy. However, the Government of India and corporations are taking different steps to improve quality of education by adopting FOSS projects. Continue reading Landscape of FOSS in Indian Education


Lessons of openness

According to Lessig (2010) “Openness is a commitment to certain set of values …the values of freedom, it is a value of community, it is a value of limits and regulation, it is a value of respecting the creator”

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