Instructional Design Projects

1. Training plan for temporary replacement workers

Based on a real world instructional design problem faced by the Pacficorp company, our team designed  a training plan for the temporary replacement workers.  The goal of the training was to create a one week training program that will provide the knowledge and skills necessary for the new workers. Click here to see the problem statement and training plan.

2. An Effective Instructional Design for Teaching Plant Cell Biology

Teaching and learning biology is one of the difficult subjects. Students find particularly learning the concepts of cell biology such as the cell organelles and their functions to be difficult to visualize and understand. The reason is that this topic includes many systems and interactions which are not visible by our naked eyes. A good instructional design is a solution for the student to learn the topic and also helps teachers to deliver knowledge and experience they have about the topic. This design was based on the book titled Designing Effective Instruction by Morisson ,Ross and Kemp (2007). Click here to see the design.

Digital Signage

I took the major lead in designing and implementing digital signage in College of Health Sciences and Professions (CHSP) at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Click here to see announcement page I created in Digital signage studio.

Online System for computer lab hardware and software check out and check in

Created and implemented an online computer lab equipment check out and check in system using Google form for College of Health Sciences and Professions, computer lab at Grover Center, Ohio University.  Example Link

Adobe connect Projects

Used Adobe connect to record in class presentation for NUTR 4960 Trends in Diabetes course, Spring Semester, 2013.  The recorded in class presentation were able to review by students by a URL. See an example

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