Training plan for temporary replacement workers

Based on a real world instructional design problem faced by the Pacficorp company, our team designed  a training plan for the temporary replacement workers.  The goal of the training was to create a one week training program that will provide the knowledge and skills necessary for the new workers.

In the first phase of the competition, teams of two submitted a preliminary proposal for a solution to an organizational performance and/or training problem. A panel of judges selected six proposals to move to the second phase. Each team was assigned a mentor from education, business or industry to help them prepare a more detailed proposal for the final competition. In the final phase of the competition, three teams were selected to present their proposals at the AECT conference. The winning proposal was selected based on clarity, teamwork and professionalism.

Problem Statement:

HighTech Inc. is a large organization with offices distributed in large cities across the United States. The majority of the employees belong to the union and are closely tied to union support. You have been with the company for 17 years and currently serve as the head of the training unit. You have four immediate reports in your office. While much of the training and professional development is distance delivered, you also oversee a distributed training staff. On Friday afternoon your supervisor calls you into the office and informs you that the union has given the company a 90-day notice that its members are going on strike.You are given the task of developing the training program for the replacement workers. There are at least 5 different job classifications being affected by the strike. In preparation for the strike the replacement workers must be trained before the strike begins. They have requested that all the training take place during the same allocated week. While you have been told you have no budget limitations, your efforts to keep costs down will be recognized.
What do you do?

Executive summary of our solution:

HighTech Inc. is facing a looming strike by its union warehouse personnel. In order to maintain their high level of customer service the management team has tasked the training group to prepare a training plan for the temporary replacement workers. The goal of the training will be to create a one week training program that will provide the knowledge and skills necessary for the new workers to keep the incoming orders shipping out the door. We plan to conduct a cursory needs assessment, since the reputation of the company is at stake, we need to keep our products shipping. We will conduct a content review of the existing training materials and compare that to the tasks that are done by the various job classifications of the warehouse workers to determine the must know information that is critical for the success of the initiative.
Since the replacement workers are non-union we will make arrangements for external sites to conduct both, instructor led and web-based asynchronous or synchronous training modules. We feel the blended solution will fulfill the needs of the geographically diverse group, while allowing the face to face activities to take place especially with practice of retrieving items from shelves and assembling packing materials.

We project the training to be a high impact event when supported by the floor supervisors in the ware house to allow the incoming orders to reach the customers. In order to accomplish learning transfer we will use job aids, both traditional and electronic via a tool called VoiceThread. With the VoiceThread tool accessible via an iPad we can record what the employee is doing and then show a clip of the same task being done correctly. The floor supervision will play an integral role as they will provide on the job mentoring and training.

Click here to see the full solution:

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